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To realize the full potential of our communities, build on our past, and chart paths forward, we need to be able to imagine what better worlds look like… even now, especially now. Responding to this imperative, the Civic Imagination Project activates people’s visions for what a better tomorrow might look like as a necessary step to connecting with others and taking action to achieve real-world goals. Over the last 6 years, our project team has built tools with people from all over the world, helping them build action plans to realize imagined solutions. We enable individuals and communities as they think creatively, connect with others in new ways, and tackle challenging issues with imagination. 

We see the civic imagination as a tool and concept that can help us:


Imagine a better world


Imagine the process of change


Imagine ourselves as civic agents


Imagine our connections with a larger community


Forge solidarity with others with different experiences than our own


Bring an imaginative dimension to our real world spaces and places

For us, imagination and storytelling are a much needed first step towards building real-world plans and interventions.

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