Our workshops aim to harness civic imagination towards action. Organized around the functions of the civic imagination, the workshops can be followed in order, but are also modular by design so that they can be taken individually or in various configurations to fit diverse communities and needs.

Salzburg Global Academy for Media and Social Change (2016)

Each experience will come with its own particular focus and outcomes. We offer ideas about the potential utility of each experience, but in the end, it is up to the individuals, communities and institutions using this guide to determine for themselves how to harness this civic imagination work for the maximum benefit of their own goals. These activities serve diverse purposes. They can help stoke creative energies, providing writing prompts and materials.

They can help build teams and professional or activist communities through creative storytelling and play. They can build bridges between communities that want to work together and need a creative way of surfacing shared values and building strong foundations for collaboration and unity. They can also guide a group through the ground-up creation of an entire fictional universe with multiple intersecting narratives, all built around shared values and aspirations for the future. These worlds and stories can then be harnessed for real world civic action, coalition building and campaigns, all of which are detailed in clear, easy to follow instructions.

We provide step by step instructions to each of our workshops in our book Practicing Futures: A Civic Imagination Handbook. We are also happy to share instructions to specific workshops by request - please reach out to us directly!


Our Workshops