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Our workshops aim to harness civic imagination towards action. Organized around the functions of the civic imagination, the workshops can be followed in order, but are also modular by design so that they can be taken individually or in various configurations to fit diverse communities and needs.

Salzburg Global Academy for Media and Social Change (2016)

To activate the civic imagination, we conduct workshops and brainstorming sessions with people from a wide range of communities to map and analyze stories that inspire and connect people, bridging the gaps people see as dividing us. 

We work with experts and practitioners from various fields to think about visions for the future that respect a shared past, and that build understanding and connection. Our approach values process and outcome equally. We believe that, when people gather and use their collective imaginations, amazing things happen and new opportunities and connections come into focus. We have also seen our approach lead to tangible outcomes like forming new organizations, developing action plans, building new strategic alliances, and even rethinking neighborhoods to help communities thrive. Are you interested? Do you want to learn more about how the civic imagination could be useful to you and your organization/community/company?

We provide step by step instructions to each of our workshops in our book Practicing Futures: A Civic Imagination Handbook. Download a pdf here. We are also happy to share instructions to specific workshops by request - please reach out to us directly!


Our Workshops

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