Forging Solidarity with Others

with Different Experiences

Than Our Own

We propose that the imagination is crucial to networked connections made by disparate groups during struggles over political change and social justice.

This workshop is about surfacing existing inspiring stories that have been important in the lives of participants and that they think could inspire civic action. Participants explore, gather and share stories that they feel contain sparks of civic imagination in their home communities, drawing on resonate pop culture narratives, folklore/myth/religion and contemporary or historical biography. They will then share their documentation of these case studies through the creation of short compositions. Then, exploring each other's’ stories, they will start to migrate stories and story elements from one source location to another, reimagining migration as the movement of narratives across spaces and places, and exploring common and divergent threads, seeing how the combinations of unexpected elements might lead to unique and engaging creative output. As story migrations lead to real life sharing, reflection, debate and collaboration, participants will form working groups to imagine how their combined stories can be enlarged and leveraged as the foundations for social action campaigns.


The use of narrative remix in this works promotes a mode of cross cultural dialogue that can be easy to understand, accessible and yet powerful. It encourages people to encounter with each other through the act of building a remixed shared narrative, one that respects their individuality and yet allows them to connect through the weaving of stories that have been significant in their lives.


Through its use of remix, the workshop also touches on questions of copyright as a form of “private censorship” that has the potential to silence remix, as a particular kind of expression. The workshop includes a quick training on the basic criteria of Fair Use. Diving into these complex issues through the act of storytelling, participants can open up many opportunities for meaningful learning. In classroom contexts especially, remix practices may intersect with questions around plagiarism. Through the act of remixing stories. the workshop allows participants to acknowledge this, and other, concerns around ‘borrowed’ content as it simultaneously presents a productive context in which to develop best practices for recognition, citation, and appropriate use of existing content for purposes of critique and transformative work. Other skills supported through this workshop include communication skills, and effective cross cultural dialogue.