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The Civic Imagination Project is currently active in the following areas:

Research/Writing: We conduct research and engage with existing scholarship to deepen and expand our theoretical understanding of the civic imagination.

Case Study Projects: We identify and seek out case studies that exemplify the civic imagination. We are interested in contemporary, historical, progressive and regressive cases as we seek to explore the boundaries of what we consider to be the civic imagination.

Workshops: We run regular workshops with diverse communities and are always looking for new partnerships. We share our workshop instructions upon request. We also offer trainings in our workshop methods. If you are interested in our workshops, please reach out to us.

Networks: We are growing a network of interested and engaged scholars and practitioners. Reach out to us to be included.

Are you working on a project that harnesses or connects to the civic imagination? Are you interested in researching the civic imagination? Would you like to run a civici imagination workshop with your community?  We are always interested in new collaborations, ideas, case studies and activities. Please be in touch. 

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