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Imagining the Process

of Change

We understand that social movement tactics/strategies emerge from activists’ ability to imagine the process of political transformation.

We understand that social impact strategies emerge from people’s ability to imagine the process of transformation. In this workshop, we explore ways to harness the civic imagination while developing an action plan for social impact. The emphasis here is on being creative and getting inspired, developing strategies for action, and imagining success. The workshop balances its focus on concrete steps for action with the creative sensibilities and fun of the civic imagination approach. Participants will have the opportunity to map out tentative actions that they think could lead to real world change, while also maintaining a big picture vision of success and possibility. Participants start by identifying issues of concern. Next, they map out strategies and goals that would help them take action around this issue. They then create a profile for an ideal participant/user, as well as a celebrity spokesperson. Finally, they tap their imagination to create a short video that imagines a future scenario where their efforts led to hugely successful outcomes beyond their wildest dreams.

Download the Practicing Futures Handbook and specific workshop instructions here.

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