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Activate the Imagination


Brief Description: This is activity is for those who want to warm up and get creative with popular culture before diving into the other activities included in this toolkit.

Recommended Age Range: 5+


Participants: 2-6 participants (or groups of 2-6 participants)


Duration: 30-45 minutes

Materials Needed and Space Requirements:

  • In Person: A pen and colored pencils can be enough. Print out character cards if possible, otherwise just use pieces of paper.

  • Internet-Friendly Option: Synchronous video conferencing platform (Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc)


Learning Opportunity: This activity activates the imagination through popular culture.



Each participant identifies 1 character from popular culture stories (movies, shows, books). They draw them on the print out cards linked with this activity.  The drawing could be a sketch of the character. It could also be a drawing of something that evokes them (a symbol, color, shape etc.). 


Once each sketch is complete, everyone should introduce their character. Describe them, their skills, and personality. Then share why you chose them.


Now start to imagine what your character might like to share about themselves.

What is your character’s favorite color?

What would they like to have for lunch?

What would they share if they would meet another character here today?


Imagine that all the characters decide to go on a trip together. Take turns responding to these prompts, adding to the story each time:

Where would they go? 

What would they take with them?

What would they do there?

What would they bring back?


Make sure every participant has a chance to respond to the questions! Use this exercise as a starting point to let your imagination roam as you explore your characters more.


Role playing welcome!

Print out the printer friendly version of this activity and the toolkit here.

Print the character cards template here.

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