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Wet Leaves


Description of Activity 

We will ask participants to write a postcard to a plant/tree that has been significant in their life for some in-depth reflections. This can be a plant they loved, a plant killed by accident, a plant from their childhood, or just a plant they really like now. In the end, we will have the participant’s self-designed postcard with a drawing, a message, and a caption. 


How does this activate the civic imagination?

  • Initiate and deepen reflections on the ecology of life and the symbiotic relationship with our surroundings. 

  • Illuminate ways in which we are already connected to the flora, and to emphasize the significance of plants in our lives. 

  • Build our daily life meanings from a thing (plant) that is cultivated and cared for.


Participants: group or individual

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Recommended Age Range: 7 and up


Materials Needed and Space Requirements:

  • In Person: blank flash cards, pen/paper, camera to take pictures

  • Asynchronous Option

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. THINK & DRAW: Focus on the memory of your past/current relationship with your plant of choice. [5 minutes]

    1. [THINK] Think of a plant/tree that was significant in your  life.

      1. “This plant could be a plant you loved, a plant killed by accident, a plant from your childhood, or just a plant you really like now.” 

    2. [DRAW] Draw the plant. The plant should evocative and build a connection across time (your past vs future, etc.)

      1. Please draw your plant of choice on one side of the flash card. It could represent a moment that has already passed or a time that endured. Keep reflecting on that moment as you sketch the plant. 

      2. Listen to music along the way!


    1. Please flip to the other side of the flash card. Then write down a message either to yourself or to the plant. This message is to be resent to yourself in the future. 

  3. WRITE CAPTION [2 minutes]

    1.  Please go back to the side of the flash card with the drawing, and come up with a caption for your overall postcard.   

      1. Is there a caption you would like to add for both your drawing and message? This caption should really capture both the drawing and your message behind it.

  4. SHARE [3 to 8 minutes]

    1. [In group] Please share with your group what you have reflected upon. 

      1. Prompt: How has this plant or thought showed up in your life? Why is it meaningful? What wisdom do you take away from this activity?



Want to be in conversation? Share your insights and creations with us here!

Originally conceived by: Paulina Lanz, Jessica Steel, and Maximilian Brichta

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